Burning Virgin Road
Season One, Episode Two
Godannar episode2
Air date 2003-10-08
Directed by Yasuchika Nagaoka
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Burning Virgin Road is the second episode of Shinkon Gattai Godannar.

Synopsis Edit

Anna is put through intense physical training to prepare her as a suitable pilot for Neo-Okusaer. In the meantime, Goh is being jokingly mocked by the crew of Dannar Base refering to him by Anna's pet name "Goh-chin." In the hangar, Shibakusa and the other engineer staff ponder as to why Goh would keep his marriage a secret; as though in response, the scene cuts to Anna, who reveals that she had asked Goh to do so much earlier.

One day, Anna oversleeps and is late for class. As she hurries to leave, Goh chastises her for inability to keep up with the demands of being both a pilot and the demands of her own life. The two get into a tussle akin to a husband and wife, but when Goh states flat-out he doesn't want her to fight beside him (ostensibly because of her lack of skill, but really because he doesn't want her to come to harm). Anna, stung by his words, leaves the room calling out Goh for being a jerk.

Later on, a Mimetic Beast appears in Dannar Base, spawned from the husk of organic material glued to the Club Mariner. It kidnaps Hayashi inside its body, and Goh is called in to deal with the creature. Elsewhere, Anna and Shinobu talk about the spat that had occurred earlier, when the Mimetic Beast shows up in town and begins wreaking havoc. Anna and Shinobu follow it on Shinobu's scooter. Anna lures the Beast to an empty robot soccer court, where she commandeers one of the machines in the garage. The Beast appears and seemingly crushes Anna in, but Goh arrives, seemingly late, and flicks the Beast away with a powerful swing. Upon seeing the damage inside, Goh is horrified at the prospect that he allowed Anna to be killed, the Beast attempts to infest Dannar in much the same way it did Club Mariner. But Goh tears it apart with Dannar's powerful arms, before crying out in anguish over his wife's supposed fate.

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