Godannar 18 06
Ekaterina, voluptuous pilot of Volspinna
Age 26
33 (episode 26)
Nationality Russian
Relationships Kukrachyov (partner)
Affiliations Vega Base
English VA Marcy Rae
Japanese Seiyuu Miho Yamada

Ekaterina is the Russian pilot of Volspinna, alongside Kukrachyov.

Biography Edit

Ekaterina's first appearance is on episode three, assisting the other international pilots against a Mimetic Beast threatening a port, she commented on and encouraged Anna to fight to the best of her abilities now that she was a robot pilot. In the second season, it was revealed Ekaterina is a wealthy millionaire with a large mansion and dozens of servants at her call. She is also something of a party animal, frequently hosting shindigs at her abode. When Kukrachyov is severely wounded following a battle where she became careless and lowered her guard, Ekaterina blamed herself for what happened. Although Kukrachyov assures her that it is not her fault, his persistence on the issue drives Ekaterina to believe that he does not care about her feelings, and that he is just a slave to her and nothing more. Their relationship was partially strained, although Ekaterina appeared to be suffering the worst of it, first sending Kukrachyov off for disobeying her order (to strike at her) and then telling him to deal with a Mimetic Beast attack all by himself. She eventually has a change of heart when she sees Kukrachyov fight valiantly and realizes that he only wants her to be happy to be with him, she quickly dons her robot and gladly joins him in the battle. In the following episode, Ekaterina and Kukrachyov stop the Genesister when it is hijacked by the Mimetic Beasts, although initially hesitant, she successfully disabled the Genesister without killing Shadow or Luna. She participated during the final battle against the Beasts, despite being defeated, she and Kukrachyov survive while Anna and Goh defeat the Beast's leader. During the finale, she attended Goh and Anna's second wedding with Kukrachyov as the priest conducting the ceremony, and took up Volspinna once more to battle the last bastion of Mimetic Beasts left on the planet.


Despite being modeled after the stereotypical dominatrix, Ekaterina is nothing of the sort, as she deeply cares for and is genuinely concerned for the welfare of others, especially her partner, Kukrachyov. However, she can be rather boastful, frequently bellowing taunts against the Mimetic Beasts, traits that nearly got her and her partner killed, she has every reason to, however, being in the same league as Goh and other robot pilots.