Luna profile
Pilot of Lunasister
Age 18
25 (episode 26)
Nationality American
Relationships Shadow (partner)
Affiliations Silicon Base
English VA Sasha Paysinger
Japanese Seiyuu Tomoko Kawakami

Luna is the American pilot of Lunasister, and a member of Silicon Base.


Luna, alongside Shadow, first appear in episode three, battling a Mimetic Beast threatening a seaside platform. They reappear at the conclusion of Season one fighting a swarm of Mimetic Beasts in an undisclosed location. During season two, Luna, along with Shadow, attend one of Ekaterina's shindigs. When they leave, Shadow is suddenly overcome with violent urges due to her infection by the Insania Virus, and nearly attacks Luna in a fit of rage.

During a mission with Ekatarina, the Lunasister falls into a swarm of Mimetic Beasts after a failed attempt to merge and Luna is seriously injured. After Shadow enters the Lunasister's cockpit to check on Luna bith are trapped when the Lunasister is captured by a Mimetic Beast. With the ejection system not responding, Luna paralized, and Shadow being taken over by tne Insania Virus, Ekatarina and Kukrachyov nearly had to destroy the Lunasister before being able to defeat the beast without killing either Luna or Shadow, though it isn't certain either would ever pilot again.