Rosa, former pilot of Celle-Blader
Nationality Unknown
Relationships Ken (husband)
Affiliations Menage Zero

Rosa is the late wife of Ken, having died before the series proper, she only appears in flashbacks, and is the most rarely-seen female character in Shinkon Gattai Godannar. She first appears (in flashback) on episode ten.


Prior to the series' beginning, Ken and Rosa fought against the Mimetic Beasts during the first major war between humanity and the monsters. During one particular battle in an undisclosed location, Ken's Blade Gainer was critically damaged and, without much options left, Rosa sacrificed herself in a vain attempt to save her husband. Unfortunately, she was overwhelmed by the creature, and Celle-Blader, along with Rosa, was absorbed by it. Many years later, Ken rediscovers the Celle-Blader, however, Rosa's body is never found, and her ultimate fate is unknown.


Having made sparse appearances throughout the series, the full extent of Rosa's personality is never established. Aside from hints suggesting a deep devotion towards Ken, there are not many facts regarding her actual personality.