Shinkon Gattai Godannar!!
Directed by: Yasuchika Nagaoka
Genre: Ecchi
Character Design by: Takehiro Kimura
Studio: AIC
Oriental Light and Magic
Episodes: 26
Original run:

October 1, 2003 - June 29, 2004

Shinkon Gattai Godannar!! (神魂合体ゴーダンナー!!, Shinkon Gattai Gōdan'nā!!, literally God Soul Combination Godannar!!) is a mecha anime series directed by Yasuchika Nagaoka.

Plot SummaryEdit

Before the series begins, the Earth had engaged in a massive war with a mysterious race of seemingly alien monsters called "Mimetic Beasts." The war had been costly, and many lives and weapons were lost, humanity's only effective defense against the creature were giant fighting robots, and the heroic pilots who commandeered them into battle. The series focuses on the life of one such pilot, Goh Saruwatari and his trials not only as the pilot of the most powerful robot ever built - the Godannar - but also his married life with his wife - Anna.

First SeasonEdit

The first season begins with Anna and Goh being engaged for marriage, however, before they can consummate, Goh is called away due to a Mimetic Beast attacking nearby. Anna follows after Goh and uncovers the hidden Neo-Okusaer, and together, the duo defeat the Mimetic Beast with the combined power of Godannar. After this, life settles down to normal for the two, with the exception of occasional battle with any Mimetic Beast that rears its ugly head. Some time later, it is revealed Goh's former comrades - Mira Ackerman and Max Junior - are both alive, but are mentally regressed and unconcscious, respectively. Anna, upon discovering Mira, vows to care for her as a custodian, but Max suddenly awakens and, under the influence of the Insania Virus, goes on a rampage, letting slip the truth of Mira's relationship to Goh. Anna is stunned by this revelation, but she and Goh manage to put a stop to him. Goh and his wife find themselves in a more delicate situation in their marriage following the battle. Meanwhile, Lou befriends Ken, the renegade robot pilot designated "Menage Zero" and offers to secretly teach her in robot-piloting as gratitude for helping him recover from his injuries.

Episode ListEdit

Season OneEdit

1. Wedding Bells on the Battlefield
2. Burning Virgin Road
3. Battle Royale Honeymoon
4. Shizuru, Once Again
5. The Girl From the Sky
6. The End of the Dream
7. Death By Reminiscence
8. The Graceful Shooting Star
9. Castaway Survival
10. Lou's Sortie
11. An Innocent Departure
12. Those Who Have Departed
13. Last First-Kiss

Season TwoEdit

14. The Reviving Soul
15. The New Confession
16. Its' Name is Go-Okusaer
17. Tonko, My Love
18. Ice Cold Smile
19. Genesister Out of Control!
20. Sorrowful Song of the Plum Blossoms
21. Godannar Ground Order!
22. Clash! Dannar vs. Gainer
23. Dannar Base S.O.S.
24. After the Mortal Combat
25. The Eternal Couple
26. The Inevitable Tomorrow