Shinobu Saruwatari
Goh's younger brother
Nationality Japanese
Relationships Goh Saruwatari (Brother)
Anna Aoi (Sister-in-law)
Shizuru Fujimura (Friend)
Kiriko Aoi (Mother-in-law)
Tatsuya Aoi (Father-in-law)
Affiliations Dannar Base
English VA Greg Ayres
Japanese Seiyuu Junko Minagawa

Shinobu Saruwatari is the younger brother of Goh Saruwatari.


Shinobu is Goh's younger brother, but unlike his sibling, Shinobu is no robot pilot. During the events of the whole series, Shinobu was mostly stuck as a sideline character, particularly as the housekeeper of the Saruwataris' room in the Dannar Base. He takes a slightly more proactive role during the beginning of the second season, helping Anna regain her will to continue fighting for the Earth. When Goh is relieved of his duties as a robot pilot and undergoes a depression because of it, Shinobu resolves not to remain in the sidelines anymore, to make a difference with his own hands. At first chastised by Shizuru for his naïvete, she was nevertheless impressed by his determination, and agreed to train him personally from then on. During the series finale, Shinobu was revealed to have become a full-fledged robot pilot, operating an updated version of the Cosmo Diver: Neo Diver.


Compared to Goh, Shinobu is a mild-mannered and even-tempered person, rarely raising his voice. When push comes to shove however, he can be as driven as his older brother. It is hinted, but never outright stated, that he holds feelings for Anna, feelings that aren't reciprocated due to her engagement to Goh, but perhaps because of this, he is rather protective of her and always wants the best for her, and disproved of Goh waiting for Anna to return to Dannar Base at the beginning of season two instead of him actively seeking Anna out, thinking that Goh might abandon her for Mira, who had recently regained her memories. During Anna and Goh's second wedding at the season finale, it is hinted that he has since developed a crush on Shizuru, although this incurs Kouji's jealousy.


  • Along with Kouji, Shinobu appears to be something of a comic relief character, a running gag throughout the show is that, in one way or another, he has seen some of the female cast in an "awkward" moment.