Shizuru Fujimura
Shizuru Fujimura, pilot of Core Gunner
Age 28
35 (episode 26)
Nationality Japanese
Relationships Kouji (partner)
Shinobu Saruwatari (friend)
Affiliations Dannar Base
English VA Tiffany Grant
Japanese Seiyuu Yumi Kakazu

Shizuru Fujimura is the pilot of Core Gunner


Shizuru has a slim, athletic build with a sizeable chest and an amusingly large rear, a fact about her that she gets frequently teased about from some of her peers at Dannar Base. Her usual responses to said teasing seems to suggest that she is either oblivious or dismissive of this fact, and she tends to ignore her backside unless it ends up being the literal butt of a joke at her expense, such as when she was too stubborn to accept how her butt was too big to properly fit in the entrance of her own mech.


Shizuru is a very level-headed and competent robot pilot, and shows great maturity and experience compared to Anna. She can, however, be rather stubborn, especially in battle, showing a great drive to win in spite of the odds stacked against her.


A remarkable sharp shooter, Shizuru improved her skill long ago with help from Goh, whom she is also in love with, yet was unable to confess these feelings due to Goh's love for Mira at the time. After she learned that Goh married Anna, Shizuru underwent a somewhat brief moment of depression, but overcame it soon after, becoming something of a mentor-figure to her. Kouji has a crush on her, and Shizuru is aware of this, though she has no interest in him, but is willing to tease him from time-to-time. Much later, she develops a close friendship with Goh's younger brother, Shinobu, but not in a romantic nature, though much like Kouji, she appears to be fond of teasing him as well. At the end of the first season, Shizuru is nearly killed defending a shuttle launch from the Mimetic Beasts, but was revived by Mira by the start of the second season. Shizuru plays a rather minor role throughout the series, acting as a sort of auxiliary pilot in emergency circumstances. During the finale, Shizuru was promoted to Commander of Dannar Base, replacing Kagemaru alongside Kouji, and was present for Anna and Goh's wedding.


  • Though she has a slim build, Shizuru does have an incredibly fat bottom, which is a source of some humor within the series. In episode 7 when Shizuru gets stuck in the cockpit of a robot due to her butt being too fat.
  • Bust: 87cm* - Waist: 53cm* - Hips: 88cm* - Height: 167cm* - Weight: ??? - Age: 28


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