The Girl From the Sky
Season One, Episode Five
Directed by Yasuchika Nagaoka
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The Girl From the Sky is the fifth episode of Shinkon Gattai Godannar. It primarily focuses on Lou.


The episode begins with Hal, Lou's uncle, travelling with a crew of Cosmo Base personnel to relieve Lowe's. Whilst preparing to dock, a sudden blast of energy burst out of Cosmo Base and collides with Hal's shuttle, killing him and his crew instantly.

Cosmo Base's crew begin to evacuate on the base's escape pods, while Lowe and Lou instead escape on the Cosmo Diver. During their escape, the Beast emerges from the Cosmo Base and attacks some of the escape pods, Lowe bravely defends the pods, engaging the Beast in battle, at the same time, he releases Lou's Cosmo Diver unit and sets her course to Earth, despite her objections, he bids her farewell, promising to reunite with her after he deals with the Mimetic Beast.

Lou crash lands in some woods and is recovered by the Dannar Base crew, after waking up, she struggles against the medical staff, who try to calm her down. After a brief talk with Kiriko, she finally manages to stop panicking, but the grief overwhelms her, and she stays silent for the first few minutes of staying at the Saruwatari residence. Goh, Anna and Shinobu get into a comical tussle but are stopped when Lou asks where her Cosmo Diver is being kept. At the hangar, Lou is given a tour and shown Goh's and Anna's robots, and briefly flashbacks to a moment when her father first presented his Cosmo Diver to her. When the Dannar Base mechanics attempt to tune-up Cosmo Diver, she blocks their way, intent on preventing them from supposedly tampering with her robot, though she calms down and lets up when the mechanics state they only want to keep the Diver in good working order.